The History of Victor Company

Before the creation of a career fire department, the City of Raleigh was protected by volunteer fire companies. One of the longest-serving was the all-black Victor Company, organized in 1869 as Fire Company No.1. They were named the “Victors” for winning a hand-engine contest at the 10th NC State Fair in 1870 and officially changed their name to the Victor Company. Over the next several decades, Victor Company volunteered to serve the residents of Raleigh with dozens of firefighters who took pride in service.

The Victor Company occupied a two-story engine house at the corner of Hargett and Blount streets from 1898 to 1912. After the volunteer companies were disbanded, the city took over the building and opened Fire Station 3 in 1913.

Who is Victor Company?

Today Victor Company is a 501c3 non-profit organization composed of local firefighters of color. We focus on services to the community and each other. We have been actively serving the community during the pandemic and will continue to serve. Victor Company would also like to recognize those who came before us and the service they gave.

Victor Company has hosted several events to educate, feed, and keep residents safe in Raleigh and Durham. While off-duty from our firefighting duties Victor Company has been involved in everything from pandemic relief packages to serving underrepresented communities during the 2020 census. We look forward to seeing you at the Juneteenth Jubilee.

Victor Company motto:

“We must hang together, or we shall surely hang separately”

– The First Fire Chief Benjamin Franklin

Victor Company prepares for Juneteenth 2022

Juneteenth Jubilee

Grand Marshal

Dr. Frank Fields was born and raised in Southeast Raleigh and is a proud lifelong resident. As a local businessman and educator, Dr. Fields is a community steward and wellness advocate serving on many local boards and volunteering his time and efforts to youth, the under-served, and the Raleigh community as a whole. Frank is also a dual graduate from North Carolina State University with a Ph. D. in Policy, Leadership, and Development. He and his wife, Raquelle, welcomed their first child, Amelia, to the world in 2021.

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